Which video course would you recommend first

Hi everyone,

Just wondering, for those who have seen either ( or ideally both) courses, which would you purchase first?


Pragdave Elixir for programmers course



Pragmatic studio developing with Elixir/OTP

Or perhaps they are at the same level? Thanks for suggestions.


I’m currently doing PragDave’s course and love it :003: however, I would do it (or any other online course for that matter) after reading a book or two first (see my reviews of a couple here #learning-resources:books) because I feel this helps solidify and put in practice what you’ve learned and books generally cover much more ground.

I can’t comment about the pragmatic studios course as I haven’t got it… yet :lol:



Yeah, I’ve read Programming Elixir when it first came out, and lightly went through Chris McCord’s Phoenix book, reading them is what drew me to Elixir, however, took me a while to get into a position where I could use Elixir professionally and definitely need to re-read. Thanks for the suggestion!

Oh in that case I’d definitely recommend his course as you’ve already read his book :003:

I would actually recommend people read as many books or do as many courses as they can - particularly from those who are clearly experts in the language or framework.

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Thanks, I didn’t realize he was the author! Haha yeah I’m going with Daves course then

You can also look at his youtube Erlang & Elixir Factory SF 2017 video here…

If You are not convinced yet :slight_smile:


Thanks, already bought :slight_smile: but thanks for the video, I’ll check it out as well - the more the merrier!

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