Why does my release not announce itself to epmd?

I have a release produced by the new 1.9 mix release. The shell script generated for the release can start the service, but none of the other functions that depend on connecting to the running node, such as restart, stop, or pid work. All fail with --rpc-eval : RPC failed with reason :nodedown. When I query epmd with -names it shows no registered nodes.

I can see that the service was started with -sname my_app… so why would epmd not have this name listed?

Please which system is this running under ? Windows ? Linux ? etc

How did you find out the service started with -sname my_app ?

It’s running on Linux – Ubuntu Server 18.04. I found that the -sname option was used by inspecting the command line arguments like this: cat /proc/$(pidof beam.smp)/cmdline | tr '\000' ' ' && echo.

I have restarted epmd and the service and now things are working properly, but the question remains: how did we get into this broken state?