Why ElixirLS is case sensitive?

Hello there,

It’s a simple question: is there a good reason for ElixirLS autocompletion be case sensitive?

Is it a matter of architecture of the language server? Or just a preference?
Is it a pattern/convention?
What are the advantages?

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Elixir itself is case sensitive, so suggesting do_it vs do_IT are two separate things, so it makes sense to me that the LS would also be case sensitive. AFAIK there is no configurable option to adjust how matches are found.

Personally I prefer it this way as it reduces the suggestion-spam.

I understand. Thanks for the answer!

Other languages, even being case sensitive, still bring suggestions that are the most likely. Sometimes I just want to type, hoping to see the most suitable suggestion. But I understand the preference to separate.

I will study a little more about ElixirLS to understand how this match is made.

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completion.ex & elixir_sense

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