Why there is red highlighting of the whole mix.exs?

When I open any project in elixir with vscode, so many times, it has red or yellow highlighting of the whole mix.exs, what is the reason?


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You have changed dependencies. I still haven’t found how to handle it properly, but installing them and restarting LS will work.

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when I change dependencies, I am using mix deps.get , but still same?

I get this occasionally, too. You can try deleting your _build and .elixir_ls folder. Restart VSCode afterwards.


yes red highlighting, but what about yellow highlighting?

Compilation issues are always shown in red.

What about yellow? and many project show red, I guess it is about

as he said.

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As a general convention in programming and in the rest of life, errors are red, warnings are yellow. Red as a color is systematically used to denote more severe issues than yellow.

I know it, thank you for remind me, but many project in github repo when I open with vscode , they have red or yellow, I guess many developers will not push project with compiler error, that is why I am asking, because I am new in elixir world.

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