Wondering if this pseudo-relational library would be useful in Elixir

Ecto is better than the Clojure RDBMS libraries I’ve used, but I think I’m still finding cases where I’d like to slurp up tables and then do join-like and other relational operations with them. In Clojure, I wrote a little library for that. I wonder if anyone would find a port useful in Elixir?

Or: is there already such a library and I’m not seeing it?

Hmm, looks interesting. A use-case is not immediately coming to mind but then I do not know clojure. What would an elixir’ish syntax of the linked examples be?

On another side, Ecto is designed to be extended like this too, so you could build on it. :slight_smile:

I think the syntax would be a straightforward translation, since it’s already used in pipelines and with keyword arguments. However, I’m having a good time compulsively trying to coax Postgres into doing everything with a single query.

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