Would you use Ecto migrations for backends that aren't Phoenix?

Hey all.

I’ve been looking around for a good enough schema migration tool, and wondered if I could just use Ecto’s migrations instead; just solely migrations. It seems fairly capable from what I’ve experimented in the past but I’ve never really used it outside Phoenix. What are your thoughts on why I shouldn’t use it, and why I should instead use other tools like Liquibase for this? I appreciate any insight!

for sql version control, I use phoenix + ecto. Of course, phoenix is not that important, but of course, it’s a plus.
It’s a totally quick cheap solution for me to manage SQL migration.

Ecto is a completely independent library and has nothing to do with Phoenix, it just so happens that it’s the de-facto solution for database management and data mapping/validation, so Phoenix includes it by default.

So, whenever you have a need for a DB library, Ecto is probably what you need, whether you use Phoenix or not :slight_smile:


You can use Ecto migrations without defining even a single Ecto schema module, yes. I’ve done it.

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