Writing module to accept user testimonials with videos

hi guys ! please i want to write an elixir testimonial module. need help

Hello @mayorsmart!

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Could you please elaborate a bit on what you mean by “writing an elixir testimonial module”?

But from what you have said so far, I’d start roughly like this:

defmodule Testimonial do
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ok thanks Nobbz. i have an app. and i want to take testimonies or success stories from users with with link to either watch their success video or a link to youtube.

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Is this your first time wit Elixir? If so i recommend you have a look at our resources section:


There you will find courses, books and talks about learning elixir. If that’s too much, don’t worry, the community has a guide for people like you!

When you have time, and since you want to work with Phoenix, I recommend you have a look at the following docs:


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