Your favourite tech companies / brands / apps

Just curious how our members rate the various companies and apps out there…

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Apple :wink:


I am an Apple fan too - although don’t think they are without flaws :101:

I love Pragprog - they have to be the best tech publisher out there and they are all very down to earth people :023:

I am actually quite a fan of Snapchat too - not that I am a big user of it, but I like how it has been liberating for many people, where they feel they can say (or show :lol:) things that are not going to be around forever. I really hope they don’t sell out to Facebook, which is a company I actually dislike very much - a set up that encourages gossips, bullies and those with a ‘mob mentality’. All those people who have committed sucide because of bullying on that site is staggering :icon_evil: (Sorry, I know, this was meant to be a thread for tech we like :lol:).

I like Dell monitors, they have always been excellent in my experience and their 5 year guarantee is brilliant!


Tesla, Space X two companies actually moving humanity forward (thanx Elon :slight_smile: )
OmniTI a small consultancy that among other things develops the best OpenSolaris based OS (OmniOS)
Apple notebooks (I can’t say I am a fan of the company but as far as OS & Notebooks don’t think there is a decent alternative)
Plataformatec & DockYard & Erlang Solutions for obvious reasons
Basho for Riak Core (Have a feeling there will be some amazing things built using it for Erlang/Elixir ecosystems)


Can we include people as brands? :lol:

In that case I would like to add José (Elixir), Matz (Ruby), Robert Virding (Erlang), DHH (Rails) and Chris McCord (Phoenix) :003:


iphone :sweat_smile: