Zapier and Phoenix

Hi Guys,

Do you know a good library to connect Zapier with a Phoenix Framework app?

We are looking for something for our open source CRM

Thank you so much for your help!

Did you ever manage to get something off the ground for this?

We’re looking at creating some Zapier zaps and would be interested if you found anything useful?

I work for Zapier, so if I can be of assistance here, let me know.

In most cases, depending on the data you’re sending to us (e.g. webhooks), just using a standard HTTP library (such as HTTPoison) would be okay, but things get a little more tricky if you’re setting up polling endpoints in your API.


To expand on this a bit further, the simplest way to work with Zapier would be to set up a Webhooks by Zapier Catch Hook Trigger and then just do a Task.start HTTP POST to the URL we give you — you probably won’t care about the response results because we’ll always return a 200 success for high availability and performance reasons, even when the data is malformed or other issues arise.

That said, we do return IDs that are useful for debugging in the event you need to contact support, so it might be worth awaiting the results and logging those.

If you’re instead looking to build an integration to connect to your API via our developer platform, that’s a little bit more involved and would probably require one-to-one help from me.

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I’ve only just seen this now. For some reason I didn’t get a notification for this.

Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. We’re looking at Zapier integrated in the next month or so. So this will be a great help then.