Today I came across It seems to be a protocol/program to create websites that are shared in a peer-to-peer fashion. I haven’t read al the technicalities yet, but I think it is an intriguing concept.

A short precentation which explains the concept in general terms, is available here.

What do you think?


Seems like it might be useful for those who want to host mostly static sites anonymously… but I can’t really see it taking off tbh. Maybe I am missing something but points 1 to 3 of the last but one slide I would see as downsides.

Hey, I found an interesting ZeroNet project. Is it possible (without changing phoenix API) to support this in future versions?

What does “support this” mean? Phoenix is a generic web framework. If whatever zero net is needs some kinda API then sure, you can build that with Phoenix.

I think this solution is dedicated to static sites only.

ok, my bad I don’t read all info:

No backend code: Execute SQL commands directly from javascript with zero network latency.

From: Slideshow about ZeroNet cryptography, site updates, multi-user sites.

Check this out. Ethereum was planning on using it, and it seems a perfect fit for OpenBazaar as well.


Does this mean that if before we had:

  1. Cat.jpg on server-x

With this solution we will have:

  1. Cat.jpg on my PC, Phone, Neighbor’s TV, Japanese Fridge, Pete’s car, Jenifer’s shoes.

Also, “You can drop stuff, disappear, and that can stay on the network” sounds like an awesome idea for malicious stuff?