I’m a senior consultant (in my head I’m still 22, but some days my body reminds me this is not true ;-)).

I studied economics and also computer science.
I have been teaching different matters over many many years to different audiences (always to adults (except when helping my own kids, of which I got 5 (yes, 5 ! Me who always said: no kids, no fixed wife, only freedom … I missed a not anticipated steep curve in the road one day :smiley: ))) but I wouldn’t want to live without any of them no more!

I did everything or close: teaching, development (15 different programming languages over 30 years), database design, database management, complex data querying/transformations, big data, BI, software testing, test automation, functional analysis, business/requirements analysis, copy-writing, translating, … but for programming, the focus of my main experience was not with current technologies.

Even though I have a very good view on what exists today and how to develop web and mobile software (I used (ASP).NET, Ruby on Rails, …) I can’t say I’m a hands-on full-stack dev and that’s exactly what I’m intending to become (again?) …

Elixir seduced me with its functional charms :slight_smile:. and Phoenix/OTP with the promised stability (and reactive possibilities for front-ends).

So, I hope I can find good advice here, when it comes to choosing the right front-end tools/framework/approach …

I have coached a lot of full-stack developers, and I have seen many of the typical issues (in SPA, offline data storage, complex UX, …) so I think I’m prepared to what’s to come …

I even tried up to 3 different projects (products) myself in start-up mode.
For different reasons I didn’t succeed so far to have a product that is sold on large scale (but it cost me an awful lot of money - expensive live lessons, I’d say). Unfortunately I came to the conclusion that if I have a bright idea, I should build it myself.

The downside of that is that I feel tired of only thinking about all the small details that development involves … my real added value is somewhere else. But OK, I decided to give it a try.

So I’m looking for the “easiest” way to build web/mobile apps, since I got a bunch of very good ideas (so I like to think) … I want to be productive in just a few weeks, max 2 months. But is that realistic?

I won’t walk you through my resume here :slight_smile: but you can find me on LinkedIn or if anyone is interested, I can send it to you !

Feel free to drop me an email:

Best regards