1 month Gig to bring elixir to our SMS Hub product

We run a SMS hub that powers transactional SMS in Western Europe, mostly in Spain, Portugal and Spain. Our current stack is based on Openresty (nginx + Lua), but we want to introduce Elixir in our platform.

About us

My name: Luis Gasca
My position: CTO
Company name: Interactive 3G
Country: Spain

About the job

Job title: SMPP REST interface
Job description: REST front-end to a pool of SMPP connections against some SMSC (there is already a great SMPP library for elixir). As this will be our first Elixir component of our platform, we are also asking for a highly idiomatic and well documented piece of software as well as assistance during the initial deployment in our PRO environment.
Salary range: EUR 5.000
Position on remote work: Senior elixir developer
Qualifications or experience required: elixir, phoenix framework. Knowledge of telco protocols (p.e. SMPP) is a big plus.

About the interview process

Skype (chat or voice) conversation, discussing previous experience and projects.