100 members on our first day!

Well done everyone :023:

That’s more members on our first day than MetaRuby had - and MetaRuby was mentioned on the Ruby5 show the day it went live! :lol:

I think this shows there are a lot of people eager to get into Elixir, and after reading many of your posts and following links to discussions that got you interested in Elixir, I can see that Elixir definitely has a wide appeal and we should expect members from a variety of backgrounds. Something that’s also emphasised in the which other languages interest you thread.

I think the diversity is going to prove an asset to both the language and the forum, and I look forward to seeing how this community develops. Thank you all for being part of it!

So where next?
What would you like to see here?
How are you liking things so far?

Edit: Day 2 and we’ve hit 150 members (Note the public members list is only updated once a day - so it should show the rest of the users tomorrow sometime).


So far everything is quite nice. I think a main concern should be to spread the work on the forum and get people to join and try to have good and interesting resources here (good posts with good content, nice sections for questions and problems, etc…)

Right now the Elixir community is quite scattered and this forum could be one of the central hubs for community (of course stuff like the main Google Groups for Elixir and Phoenix and some mailing lists will probably always be the maintainers main source of communication).

I was also thinking that maybe some contests would be nice. Something akin to “March Elixir Contest - Developing an algorithm do solve this particular problem” and people would post their solution throughout that month and then some winners would be chosen maybe.

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Some great ideas there Sasha :slightly_smiling:

  • Competitions! I was actually thinking about this last night and wondering whether it would be a good idea to contact ElixirSips or learnelixir.tv and ask if they might be interested in participating in a giveaway :lol:
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Yeah giving away some Elixir Sips or maybe some of the books would be great.

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I posted a link in the Beginners Elixir slack channel. So might of had some visitors from there too. :slight_smile:

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Nice one, thanks @kblake! :023:

When I get five mins I’ll get on it @sashaafm :slight_smile:

Day two and we’ve reached 150 members :023:


I won’t give too much away, but I’ve got a competition lined up for next month :wink:

Oh, and we’re just 1 member shy of 200 :003:

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