14) ElixirConf 2017 - Writing an Editor in Elixir - Ian Duggan

ElixirConf 2017 - Writing an Editor in Elixir - by @ijcd (Ian Duggan)

Elixir for GUIs? Yes, it’s possible. I’m working on a modern editor in Elixir, and I’ll show you how I’m doing it. Topics will include GUI libraries for Elixir, ports, NIFs, interfacing Elixir with other languages (especially Rust), and general design principles for a modern, programmable editor.

Audience: Intermediate

All talks are available in the Elixir Conf 2017 Talks List or via the #elixirconf2017 tag

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I enjoy talks, like this one, where I get a glimpse of other people’s projects. Also, I got my butt kicked in a programming contest once for not knowing what a “rope” was! :smile:


What? How could you not know what a rope is?

What is a rope? :smiley:

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Watch the talk. :wink:


I watched some of this when the talks went up - great stuff - I’d love to see an editor written in Elixir :003:

@ijcd is there progress here? I was thinking lately, every self-respecting programming language has an editor written in it :wink:

Yes, some progress. Mostly discovering that doing GUIs in Elixir is still a royal PITA. I’ve learned a bunch along the way, however, and hope to have some stuff out soon. I got sidetracked by a few other projects but am returning to this one.


@ijcd Will you work on scenic based editor? It would be awesome to see even first commits or some part of notification about progress (even if slow), because it’s for me one of most important projects I would like to see and follow any news about. :smiley:


Absolutely. It’s already happening. :slight_smile:

Conferences work. I met Boyd last year during my presentation and have been talking to him over the year and following his work. Scenic was immediately a target for me. Big ups to him for filling a huge whole in the Elixir GUI ecosystem.

I’m on it!