18) ElixirConf 2017 - Streaming Video with Elixir - John Wahba

ElixirConf 2017 - Streaming Video with Elixir - @johnwahba

Running a video stream is challenging. You can’t just “load it all into memory” because a single video can often be larger than the memory you have available. You can’t know everything that will play ahead of time “some videos don’t exist yet” at the time of the stream’s start. You can’t go down because dead air is bad and unprofessional. Elixir offers great language level features and libraries for handling these challenges. Join me as we use elixir to generate a longrunning video stream using Genstage and Stream which we can modify in real time!

The goal of this talk is to walk through some of the difficulties in dealing with large amounts of data.

Audience: Intermediate

All talks are available in the Elixir Conf 2017 Talks List or via the #elixirconf2017 tag


I enjoyed the highly technical aspects of this talk and the speaker’s happy-go-luck attitude. :slight_smile: