2018/10/01 - Hacktoberfest - online


Hacktoberfest has started, and I for one would like to participate and contribute to the elixir ecosystem. I’m sure a lot of other people on this forum would like to as well.

If anyone knows or has a project they would like some help with, please post a link and short description.

Happy hacking :slight_smile:


is still a really young library that needs a lot of love. I’ve been trying to be more open with creating issues and communicating my work on the library so that in the event anyone else wants to jump in and help, they’ll have enough context to get started. The biggest hurdle I have right now is that there are only a few people who are even playing around with it - so it’s hard to nail down where the difficulties are in getting spun up and what isn’t making sense. Feel free to look around, any extra set of eyes and some good issue reports would be highly welcomed!


Here’s a link to all open Elixir issues marked with the hacktoberfest label.

Unfortunately it’s GitHub hosted projects only. :sweat:

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