2018/10/26 - Gig City Elixir 2018 - Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Really short story: registration is open for an exciting new Elixir conference this fall called Gig City Elixir:


More details:

  • Organizers include @redrapids, series editor for the Prag’s line of books on Elixir, and myself, co-oragnizer of two Red Dirt RubyConfs
  • Our themes of Origins and Foundations encompasses content that can make any of us better programmers
  • Elixir is adopting HDD (Hughes Driven Development), so we have John Hughes speaking
  • We also have @pragdave, @chrismccord, and other fantastic speakers
  • We’re hand rolling a unique program with non-standard, interactive content
  • And so much more

Please let us know if we can answer any questions about the event. We hope you can join us in October!


Looks great - good luck!

Love José’s note - says it all really - will look forward to seeing the videos :003:

Gig City Elixir’s speaker line-up is strong. They’re bringing in the programmers that shaped Elixir before Elixir was even born as well as the developers that are evolving the language and community every day.

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Oh wow I didn’t know John Hughes was Welsh! :heart:

I am glad you posted this James!

When I originally imagined this conference we thought we would do something pretty low key. Then John Hughes signed up. Then we got an incredible venue at the aquarium complex next to the river. Then we put our heads together on making this an opportunity to serve and provide a more exclusive experience and we knew we had something.

It is turning into a pretty special event. If you have never been to Chattanooga, you need to come. It is nestled between signal and lookout mountains. It is the outdoor magazine city of the year with great hiking, biking water sports and a state park along 13 miles following the river. There are three civil war battlefields and lots of history, a world class aquarium and one of the longest and best pedestrian bridges in the world.

James won’t brag but he is one of the best teachers in our community. John is one of the best in the world. We won’t highlight a keynote because six of our speakers have given keynotes internationally! Instead we will break the mold and build this sucker from scratch.

So we think it will be something to remember. We are only just opening tickets because we wanted to give the locals the first shot at early bird ticket prices. I will post a little later about the community outreach stuff we are doing and some of the unique programming. For now, reserve your tickets!

-Bruce Tate


Sellout alert! If you want to come, make sure you get your tickets. We’re going to have 150. 15 tickets remain, with up to 10 more possible that we are holding for sponsors. We expect them to be gone in 1-2 weeks.


Will you be recording the talks Bruce? Can’t wait to see them :smiley:

Please could you also tell John Hughes I send regards from Wales :003:
(He’s Welsh! :003:)

Sadly, no. We are on a razor thin budget for our first year due to our diversity initiatives (scholarships and paying all our speakers to have a diverse speaker panel) and generally not knowing what we’re doing yet.

Next year for sure. :slight_smile:

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