2018/11/24 - Elixir Workshop - Tijuana México

I will be giving a 2 day workshop on November 24th and December 1st

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The workshop aims to provide the basics of programming for the uninitiated and these basics will be taught with elixir :slight_smile:

  • On the first day we will explore a bit of context revolving our industry ¿What and Why? about computing. Then proceed to teach some building blocks with elixir.
  • On the second day we will explore the history behind elixir and ¿Why elixir and not #{lang}? Then go through the basics of message passing.

It is really not about elixir, but about gaining confidence in programming. Perfect for the curious and the ones that may still feel a bit intimidated/puzzled by this strange phenomena. It would also work really well for any professional that would like to learn the basics of elixir :grin:

This workshop will be part of the Hello World initiative, a series of workshops currently aimed at developing design skills (UI/UX). This will be the first programming related course. The workshop has a cost of (roughly) $100 dlls but if you’re interested leave me a message, I would love for you to make it :smiley: