2019/02/26 - HAST, SAST ... Holy SaaS?! - FREE Webinar

Join us to learn what the best methods are for application security testing and get Tinfoil Security web scanning FREE FOR ONE YEAR! In this webinar, we will discuss the difference between DAST, SAST, RASP, and IAST what the use case is for each, and which you should choose based on your scanning needs.

Tinfoil Speakers: Michael Borohovski (CTO), Quinn Wilton (Grand Magistrate of Security), Derek Jackson (Generalissimo of Dark Arts)

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 10:00am PST
Signup here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/4115508718788/WN_NvclDy6TQNikPBXv5jw-Bg


This looks really cool!

I actually signed up a Tinfoil account after we had a thread on the forum discussing server security, and on testing it reported SSLv3 hadn’t been disabled… even though I had disabled it! :icon_eek: Turns out I had disabled it in Apache but HAProxy also needed to be told to disable it!! Thank you Tinfoil! :lol:

Btw if anyone is wondering what DAST, SAST, RASP, IAST are, they are types of security testing :023: I’m sure this webinar will be useful to many of us - and a free year of Tinfoil is pretty neat!!


Thank you, Aston!