2019/04/8-9 - Elixir Conf EU - Prague: Sleepover

For those attending the Elixir Conf in Prague:

Two people are welcome to sleep over at my very humble place near the city center/venue location.
I am a local. I like good beer (so might happen I take you out “for one”).
I prefer witty people, but who does not :).
Programmeuses welcome and need not to worry :).

Obviously, the sleepover is free (as well as the cup of Pu-Erh tea in the morning). If you come on the 7th and leave on the 10th, that’s just fine.

Just PM me…


Incredibly act of generosity, well done !


You make it sound as if I were a kidney donor :grinning:

Anyway, the offer still stands…

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Piggybacking on your thread: I booked a cheap hotel as I’ll be with a small child and that’ll be more practical, but if you have some time on Sunday evening I would be glad to taste some local beers with a connoisseur! Are the pubs in Prague children-friendly in general?