2019/08/22 - ElixirUp - Monthly Meetup

Hi, everyone. Looks like there isn’t an active Elixir remote meetup anymore, and there are a some developers on Slack who are looking forward to joining a monthly remote meetup to talk about Elixir projects/demos/topics. The first meetup will happen this month, it turns out we already have a speaker and a few participants.

On this first remote meetup, @elbrujohalcon will talk about this topic: “What did I learn on a Decade with Erlang?”, which is an upcoming presentation he’s preparing for ElixirConf LA in Medellín in October. If you’re also interested in participating, @elbrujohalcon said that we could present on August 22nd on one of these two time slots below:

• 2PM GMT-3 (Argentina) / 5PM GMT / 10AM PDT
• 6:30PM GMT-3 (Argentina) / 9:30PM GMT / 2:30PM PDT

We’re trying to maximize the number of participants, let us know which time is more convenient for you, by voting on https://zvite.co/i/O4T5Xgqc. The meetup is expected to last for one hour. Notice that zvite.co the pool app only shows the time based on GMT-3 (Argentina). If you need help to convert to another timezone not mentioned on this post, use this website.

I’ll post the URL to join the meetup later on.



If you’re going to attend, in addition to vote, please also subscribe to this issue on GitHub https://github.com/elixirup/remote-meetup/issues/1.

Thanks. See you!


FYI, this meeting’s joining URL is available on the GitHub issue that I replied earlier.

See you all soon.

Hi is the meeting canceled?

No, it should start in 105 minutes. And a link to the host is included in the linked issue on github:


Thanks but in that case i can’t attend

I was wondering if the meeting got recorded and I can find it somewhere.Does anybody know?

Hi wolfiton. I was offline for a couple of days, sorry for this late reply. Yes it was recorded. I’ll drop an update soon. Please watch the GitHub repo, I’ll post Bruho’s slides and video there as soon as I can.

If you missed @elbrujohalcon talk “ElixirUp - What did I learn on a Decade with Erlang” on the remote meetup, or want to watch it again, here’s the video link on Youtube: https://youtu.be/bHd5tzkeJek


Thanks @viniarck

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