2019/09 - ElixirUp - Monthly Meetup

Hi, everyone.

I’m looking for presenters for this month’s meetup. Reach me out if you’re interested in presenting a topic or a project. The date is still undefined it’ll be set based on the speaker(s) availability.


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Is this an online meetup? Where can I learn more about it?

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Yes, it is. Just realized that I forgot to add the details. There’s a channel #remote-meetup on Elixir’s slack “elixir-lang.slack.com”, where you can follow up the details of the current next meetup. Once we find speakers we organize the information on this repo, https://github.com/elixirup/remote-meetup, and broadcast the URL for others to attend.

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@davearonson’s talk on ElixirUp 2019/09 is now available on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCjeKcSN41I