2019/11/13 - Functional Conf - Bengaluru, India

Functional Conf is designed to bring the growing community of functional programmers together under one roof.


Are you innovating the use of Functional programming? Functional Conf 2019 is Asia’s premier Functional programming conference, and we would love to hear from you! Submit your proposal here: http://confng.in/zmRYXh7N

Hurry! Submissions close on August 31.

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[WORKSHOP] Designing Elixir Systems with OTP
If you’re using frameworks like Phoenix or Nerves, you’re already experiencing the features that make Elixir an excellent language for today’s demands. Embrace the same OTP that’s kept our telephone systems reliable and fast for over 30 years.

Learn how to instinctively design systems that deliver fast and resilient services to your users, all with an Elixir focus. Learn more about Bruce Tate’s workshop at Functional Conf 2019: https://confng.in/gh0hOenp

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[WORKSHOP] Building a real-time, reliable, resilient web application in one day with Elixir and Phoenix presented by Andrea Leopardi

Gain exposure to Elixir and the Phoenix framework and their core selling features, such as concurrency, isolation, resiliency, real-time server-client communication.

Andrea Leopardi is a core team member of Elixir Lang. Explore how to build connected, real-time web applications using Elixir and the Phoenix framework at his Functional Conf 2019 workshop in Bangalore on November 17.

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