2019/11 - ElixirUp - remote-meetup

Hi, all. @gpad will present the following talk on this month’s remote-meetup:

Please visit this issue on the remote-meetup repo for more details and voting/pool results.

Also, join the #remote-meetup channel on slack to keep in touch with the community who attend the meetup.

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Hello there!

I’m rather confused, the main link of the stalk says it was October 25th, which has already passed.
Is there a chance to view a recorded version of the talk?

Hi. Turns out @gpad will give this same talk on this month’s remote-meetup, so you’ll have the chance to see it live/participate for the second time :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if it the first given original talk on Oct 25 in Plone Conference/Italy if it was recorded. The remote-meetup is usually recorded as long as the speaker is okay with it.

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The voting pool will close on this Friday, Nov 15th. So, hurry up to vote if you haven’t yet : )

Hi All, just a friendly reminder that tomorrow (Nov 29th) at 3:30 PM CET we’re going to have this remote meetup session with @gpad please visit this link for the link of the meetup to join us.


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I forgot to post the link in the last reply, here’s the more info on GitHub: https://github.com/elixirup/remote-meetup/issues/3. The meetup URL is this one: https://meetinglab.zoho.com/meeting/join?key=1098766851