2020/02/27 - Elixir Athens - Athens, Greece

Hi all, it’s about time we had an Elixir meetup in Greece! We’ve been putting it off for more time than I care to admit but this time New Year’s resolutions are about to come due. After almost 4 years of programming in Elixir we’re still too excited to not do something about it, so here we are :fireworks:!

https://www.meetup.com/elixir-athens/ (fair note: Greek content)

First meetup will happen on Feb 27 (10 days from now) and will focus on introducing Elixir and Phoenix in hopes that it’ll prove helpful to anyone unfamiliar with the language and its incredible ecosystem. It will be held at a fairly central location at Hackerspace.gr, easily accessible by public transport / green train line (thank you guys for hosting us!)

Here’s to spreading the good word and we hope to see you around!