2020 Members of the Year nominations

With only one month of the year left to go, we’d love for you to help select our 2020 Members of the Year!

We had originally planned to do these on an adhoc basis throughout the year but just didn’t get time (where has the year gone!?) so we’ll do them in January like we did for last year’s MOTYs.

If you feel someone has gone the extra mile in helping others on the forum please PM us your nominations! Helping others could mean answering questions, writing guides, being welcoming, helping around the forum, or even creating and posting updates about a cool new library that has helped generate excitement - basically anything that has added something of value.

The more nominations somebody gets the more chance they have of being selected, so please don’t hold back :lol:

To nominate someone, please PM @AstonJ and please include the person’s username and why you are nominating them (please also include links to any relevant posts/threads if possible).

Hope you’re all keeping safe and we look forward to receiving your nominations :purple_heart: