2021-03-16 - Birmingham Elixir - Online - Robert Virding will be speaking!

Robert Virding is going to speak at the Birmingham Elixir remote meetup at 1PM CST on March 16th. I’m really excited. He’s going to talk to us about language implementation on the BEAM in some form or another, but where he takes it is up to him. I’m certain it will be an enjoyable time, because in my experience Robert really lights up when he’s talking about his other languages.

I would love it if you’d join us. Generally we have 20 some odd people attend, so I’m happy to test zoom’s limits.

We’ve been running Birmingham Elixir (people are saying it’s like the Austin City Limits of remote Elixir meetups), a Birmingham, AL-based Remote Elixir Meetup, for a few months now, and we’ve had some great speakers. We post the talks to our YouTube channel.