2021/07/30 - Embedded Systems in Elixir using Nerves Livebook - Virtual

This month on 30th July at 1500hrs EAT, Elixir Kenya brings you a webinar on Embedded Systems in Elixir using Nerves Livebook by Frank Hunleth for a duration of 1 hour.

This is a first for the community as this time we embark on IoT.

RSVP Link: Meeting Registration - Zoom
Nerves Livebook: GitHub - fhunleth/nerves_livebook: Livebook for Nerves


The RSVP link leads to a broken page.

Thanks for noticing that. I missed the last s. I’ve just updated it.


I’ve just started using the Nerves platform so am looking forward to this!

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Is it possible to record it? Thanks for the webinar!

yes the webinar will be recorded. I’ll post the link here once it’s ready

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Unfortunately I missed it due to personal emergency. How did it go?

The session was so amazing. I was particularly impressed by the fact that you could run other people’s notebooks on your rpi. Here’s the link to recording: Elixir in Embedded Systems using Nerves Livebook - YouTube


Notebooks are a real game-changer for Elixir and Nerves, I’m excited for what we’ll be able to achieve as things mature even more.

Thanks for sharing the link :smiley: