2022/03/29 - Elixir at Remote - Virtual

Ever wondered why @remote chose Elixir? Also,
On Friday, ElixirKenya will be hosting a webinar, guests being @marcelo_lebre and @odesassossegado from Remote, who will be telling us.
We will also get to know how they were able to scale the codebase as their team grew exponentially

When: 2022-04-29T12:55:00Z
RSVP Link: https://bit.ly/ElixiratRemote


I had not ever wondered because despite being jealous that they got such a good spot in this awesome market of facilitating global digital work, I had no idea they were using Elixir. So that’s a nice surprise. Checked their Careers page (where I tend to check what stacks various companies use) and yeah, Elixir/Phoenix positions to be filled.

It’s also exciting to see ElixirKenya looking so active!


We also already posted our jobs here before and just ran a conference to benefit Ukraine where the Backend part had a good elixir focus 2022/04/25 - Devs For Ukraine: Free online conference featuring notable elixir speakers (José Valim & more!) - #9 by PragTob


Ooh, very nice. I saw the Devs For Ukraine, thought it was great and am looking forward to watching it. So let me be another person to thank you for running that. Somehow I hadn’t noticed it was by Remote.

Just made a small donation, which others also can do at Devs For Ukraine.


@PragTob Ah you’re the host in the conference! Thanks again, then, from just another person in the community. You’re quite telegenic, fun and ask good questions. I’ll keep watching~

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yeah we may have gone too low-fi on the branding, but we wanted to make sure everyone understood that this is about Ukraine and not about us/the company :slight_smile:

thanks for your donation!

ahaha telegenic thank you :blush: Was my first time streaming and following up Cassidy was quite the task but it turned out quite fine it seems. Messages like this definitely help, thank you!