2022/09/14 - Elixir Meetup #9 by Curiosum - free & online

Elixir Meetup #9 - 14.09.2022 - sign up today!
As usual, interesting presentations are waiting for us.

This time our guests and speakers will be:

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Mika Kalathil - Multi-node Communication & Strategies: Doing a deep-dive into how we work with distributed systems and what type of strategies we have available to us when communicating across a cluster

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Pedro Paulino - Elixir: Choosing the Right Tool: In the presentation, I will describe why I choose Elixir to be part of a new side project that I am working on and my experiences during the testing process to choose the language.


Would you like to make presentation for the next meetup? Please, contact me or send an email: marketing@curiosum.com

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