2023/02/05 - Erlang, Elixir & Friends Devroom @ FOSDEM - Bruxelles/Belgium

Hey everyone!

FOSDEM 2023 is finally going to be in-person again and we’re excited to announce that the Erlang, Elixir and Friends Devroom got accepted for next year’s edition. FOSDEM is a free conference dedicated to open-source software, one of the largest in the world, and it’s the perfect venue for us showcase the power of the BEAM and get even more people excited about it!

You can find the Call for Participation here. I will keep this post updated with further news, feel free to reply here or ping me and @bettio for any questions about the submission process or anything else.

Whether you’re submitting your talk proposal, or you’re just attending the event, we hope to see you in Brussels in February!


Finally, some love for Elixir/BEAM in Belgium :purple_heart: looking forward to meet some like-minded people in my own area!


The official Call for Participation is now published on the FOSDEM mailing list.

We also revamped the BEAM FOSDEM website, which contains videos from the first edition of the Devroom at FOSDEM 2020.

It’s the last week for your Erlang, Elixir & Friends talk submission for FOSDEM’23.

The deadline is the 5th of December, so it’s the right time to make your submission without rushing it.

We’re currently still missing some content to fill up the devroom schedule, so we decided to extend the deadline to the 12th of December.

I will take this occasion to also add this: since FOSDEM attracts all sorts of programmers, we are totally happy to also accept talks that would probably considered “too basic” for a BEAM-specific conference (e.g. “Introduction to Phoenix/LiveView/Ecto/…”) and, actually, a good balance between introductory and advanced talks could have the positive effect of also attracting new users instead of just focusing on people that already know the BEAM ecosystem.

So, don’t be shy, we’re waiting for your great talk! :blush:


Last bump before the Call for Talks close, we’re still eagerly waiting for your content!

Submit here!

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What’s the exact time of closing? :face_with_peeking_eye:

The deadline is the 12th December (as in, ideally, until 23:59:59 of today, for some arbitrary time zone) but the system does not automatically close submissions and we’ll probably review them tomorrow morning, so as soon as you send it tonight it should be fine :wink:

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Hi everyone!

Thank to everyone who submitted great content, the schedule is now live:

We hope to see many of you in Brussels next February, let’s use this thread to organize possible meetups during FOSDEM

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Hey everyone!

FOSDEM is getting near, and in addition to the Devroom we’re also organizing a BEAM FOSDEM Meetup for Saturday evening to allow us to catch up with all the BEAM enthusiasts in Bruxelles.

The chosen meetup location is the Brewdog Brewery since it has lots of room to accomodate people and it also serves food in case someone wants to have dinner there.

The planned starting time is 8:00 PM, but don’t be afraid to join afterwards if you can’t make it for that time. The idea is that people should generally come and go as they please, once the first flock forms, the meetup should be self-evident and self-sustaining (do wear some obviously BEAM-themed clothes if you have them so that newcomers can easily find the group :smile:)

The point of contact for the Saturday Meetup is @Tuxified, so ping him here or on Mastodon if you think you’re going to join us or if you need some additional details.

Hope to see many of you in Brussels!

Here you can find the livestream from the devroom (until 12:50)


Also, besides the BEAM devroom itself, there have been Elixir/Erlang talks (or just one talk?) in other devrooms for instance in the DNS devroom FOSDEM 2023 - Implementation of the Drink server: programming details