2023/08/19 - Carolina Code Conference - Greenville, SC, USA (Call for Speakers)

Just wanted to let y’all know about the polyglot Carolina Code Conference in Greenville, SC on Saturday August 19th. It’s a single day, single track conference. I’ve recently taken over responsibility for rebooting this event and things are coming along. New conference site isn’t up and running yet, so everything is running through a Substack blog at the moment…I’m 3 weeks in you’ll have to bear with me. The original creator needed somebody to take it over and that’s how we ended up here. It’s fun but it’s a lot of work.

I presented on this Elixir talk at this conference in 2018 which got moved into the marketing materials here on the forum.

Call for Speakers is open until May 25th if any of you have interest in submitting a talk. Talks will be recorded and placed on our YouTube channel too.

Call for Sponsors should go out on Thursday. Ticket information will become available in early May. The best way to stay on top of event updates is to subscribe to the substack or follow on social channels, but since I’ve been active on this forum for years I wanted to personally share here and answer questions as well.


Quick bump for anybody interested. Less than 20 days left.

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Proposal submitted! Cutting it close, I know.

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