2023/09/13 - Elixir Meetup - Poznań,Poland & Online

:brain: School is back, and so is Curiosum :sweat_smile:

:zap: We are bringing new ways to learn Elixir and new tips and tricks to help you improve your skillset in this functional technology.

If you are interested in learning functional programming through Elixir? Join :ok_hand:
Our speaker, Adolfo Neto, will be happy to show you the ropes :sunglasses:

Curious about how to simplify complex Phoenix contexts? Definitely Join :ok_hand:
Tune in to listen to Szymon Soppa walking you through this fresh concept :star_struck:

Junior, Mid, Senior, or any other level of Elixir enthusiast, Join our Elixir Meetup, and I promise you will learn a lot :fire:

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