2023-10-19 - Code BEAM Europe 2023 - Berlin,Germany & Virtual

Code BEAM Europe - the Erlang and Elixir Conference is an event built on the long-standing legacy of the Erlang User Conferences. An event all about discovering the future of the Erlang Ecosystem and bringing together developers as a community to share knowledge & ideas, learn from each other and inspire to invent the future.

Call for Talks and Call for Training are open: codebeameurope.com/#cft

For limited Very Early Bird tickets, join our waiting list: https://bit.ly/CB2023_waitinglist

Just a heads-up: tickets might sell out quickly. With the total of 600 in-person and 200 virtual attendees at ElixirConf EU, we ran out of VEB tickets within 4h and all in-person spots for the conference were sold out before we had a chance to open our standard rate sale!

Very Early Bird tickets will be available only to waiting list members from 30 May, so join today to get access to tickets at the best price: https://bit.ly/CB2023_waitinglist


Check out our Programme Committee: Code BEAM Europe

The Keynote Speakers this year are:

💥Christopher Grainger
Machine Learning on the BEAM expert

💥Madeleine Malmsten
Advocate for functional programming at McKinsey & Company

💥Randall Thomas
Security, IoT and Machine Learning expert