2023/12/13 - Elixir Meetup - Poznań,Poland & Online

In Curiosum we do have Elixir Meetups quite consistently for 2 years now. We meet up online every month and invite specialists who are willing to share their knowledge of Elixir and its possibilities. If you are interested, then definitely check out the next one - 13.12.23 Elixir meetup at 2023-12-13 | Curiosum

New Elixir Meetup is incoming :zap:- this time, you will get to know a lot about Elixir GenServers - no prior knowledge required (although if you are a pro - feel free to attend and ask a lot of questions :sweat_smile: ) This powerful tool is something that makes Elixir stand out among other technologies so it is very useful to be a master of it.

Our speaker Sigu Magwa will happily explain everything and help you master this knowledge like a pro :+1::sunglasses:

More details below :point_down:

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