2023/5/27- Elixir Meetup - China, Beijing & Online

Tubi, a leading content streaming platform, is making waves in the Elixir community with its upcoming meetup. The 8th Elixir Meetup will be held offline and online on May 27th, 2023, from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm at the Beijing Wangjing POSCO Center. The event offers an excellent opportunity for Elixir enthusiasts to learn from and network with some of the best minds in the business.

This time, the meetup features three exciting topics presented by industry experts.

  1. Using Elixir to develop HLS live streaming backend services at Tubi

The first presentation, delivered by Horvo, a backend engineer at Tubi, will focus on using Elixir to develop HLS live streaming backend services. Horvo will share his insights and experiences with URL protection and using AES-128 to encrypt HLS media files to aid developers interested in Tubi’s live streaming business and Elixir production practices.

  1. Lexical- The Next-Generation Elixir Language Server

The second talk will be delivered by functional programming language and Elixir enthusiast, Scott. Titled Lexical- The Next-Generation Elixir Language Server, this presentation aims to educate Elixir developers about language servers and inspire them to contribute to their development. Scott’s objective is to encourage listeners to develop LS functionalities tailored to their specific requirements.

  1. Through eBPF to View Service Dependencies

Lastly, these inspiring talks will conclude with a presentation by Yang Miao, an old friend of Elixir Meetup. Yang is a backend development engineer who has worked on numerous Elixir, Ruby, and Go projects. His presentation, Through eBPF to View Service Dependencies, will explore the use of eBPF to analyze network dependencies, a proven method for monitoring service dependencies across different languages.

:grinning:Attendees are encouraged to add the event organizer’s WeChat (15600819309) after registering and request to join the activity communication group.

:clap:Tubi is looking for talented Elixir developers to fill two high-level backend engineer roles in their multi-media and content department, and the CCS (Platform) division. Successful candidates will work with the Video and Content Operation teams and develop back-end API, maintain services, improve the development environment and provide reliable, practical solutions to everyday Elixir development challenges.

Interested candidates may submit their resumes to jobs.china@tubi.tv. Check out Tubi’s career page for further information on all open roles at https://tubi.tech/careers/.

Don’t miss out the meetup, register now at 抢位|Elixir Meetup 第八期来啦 预约报名-Tubi TV活动-活动行.


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