2024/02/03 - Erlang, Elixir, Gleam & Friends Devroom @ FOSDEM - Bruxelles/Belgium

Hey everyone!

We had a blast last year, so we’re excited to announce that the Erlang, Elixir, Gleam and Friends Devroom is back for FOSDEM 2024!

FOSDEM is a free conference dedicated to open-source software, one of the largest in the world, and it’s the perfect venue for us showcase the power of the BEAM and get even more people excited about it.

You can find the Call for Talks here. We will keep this post updated with further news, feel free to reply here or ping me, @Annopaolo or @bettio for any questions about the submission process or anything else.

Whether you’re submitting your talk proposal, or you’re just attending the event, we hope to see you in Brussels in February!


Super cool that Gleam is now mentioned in the Devroom name!


Bumping the thread to remind that the Call for Participation is closing in just 10 days, we still have some space left in the schedule so we’re waiting for your great content! :upside_down_face:

Last bump to remind that there are still 24 hours to go before the Call for Talks is closed and we still have some space in the schedule. Hope to see many of you in Bruxelles!

Hi everyone!

Thanks to everyone who submitted, the devroom schedule is now live on the FOSDEM Website:

We’ll also try to organize a meetup for Saturday evening so we can grab a beer and chat, I’ll update this post once we have more information on that.

Less than 48 hours left until FOSDEM, reminder that the BEAM devroom will take place Saturday morning (10:30-14:30) in room K.4.601.

Come say hi!


If you weren’t able to join us in Bruxelles, you can watch the livestream of the BEAM devroom on the FOSDEM website

Thanks to everyone who submitted and participated to the BEAM devroom, it was packed from start to finish and full of interesting talks!

Tonight if anyone wants to get together we will be at the Wolf Sharing Food Market from 7 PM

To find us just go around looking for a bunch of people with BEAM looking faces :smile: