2024/02/07 - Free Webinar: a Taste of Code BEAM America

A free webinar as a taster for Code BEAM America 2024

Join us on February 7 to learn from Andrew Ek and Tyler Young :raised_hands:
Details and registration: Code BEAM America

Tyler Young: Elixir as a One-Person Stack for Building a Software Startup

There’s a lot of excitement in the developer community around the idea of a “one-person” framework—a platform on which to build a software service where a single person can gain enough leverage to build the complete application. In this talk, Tyler will share:

  • How Elixir, Phoenix, and LiveView deliver on this promise for the startup he’s building
  • How the benefits of Elixir don’t just stop at the framework level, but expand to be a complete one-person stack
  • The frameworks, libraries, and tools he combines for maximum effectiveness as a solo developer
  • Why he believes Elixir is the best choice for pragmatic software-as-a-service founders

Andrew Ek: Sprinklings of React in Your LiveView

LiveView is really cool, and also sometimes we want or need to use existing UI components. In this talk, Andrew will show strategies for cleanly integrating React components in your LiveView pages, including display-only components, components that accept props but have no state of their own, components that maintain their own state, and components that have their own state and need to communicate back with parent LiveView or server.

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Please, bear in mind it’s Feb 7 4PM Pacific Time, so midnight GMT :slight_smile:


Instead of Andrew, we’re going to have Vanessa Lee at the webinar :slight_smile: She won’t be joining us at the conference, so this is your chance to see her talk!