2024/02/14 - Elixir Meetup - Poznań,Poland & Online

In Curiosum we do have Elixir Meetups quite consistently for 2 years now. We meet up online every month and invite specialists who are willing to share their knowledge of Elixir and its possibilities. If you are interested, then definitely check out the next one - 14.02.24 Elixir meetup at 2024-02-14 | Curiosum

Hello there to the whole community! :star2: Elixir Meetup #25 is coming with big steps! :rocket:

:brain: Dive into the world of OTP development with ‘Tips and Tricks on How to Develop an App on OTP.’ with Alvaro Callero

:dizzy: Plus, unravel the magic of Elixir GenServers in our second session with Sigu Magwa

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this meetup promises valuable insights and community connections. Don’t miss it! :bulb::computer:

Any questions - feel free to post them anywhere in the community :smiley: We would love to hear from you :purple_heart: