2024/03/20 - Elixir Sydney - Australia and Online

Elixir Sydney is back for the March 2024 meetup! We’re in-person and online, so come and join us from wherever you are.

We’ve got some awesome talks lined up for you:

What’s in a name? Addressing people by the right name at the right time around the world
Kip Cole

Audience engagement is a critical factor in application success. And engaging with people requires addressing them the right way. How you are addressed will depend on whether I’m representing the tax department, a close friend, family, a social media site or a civil or military honours organisation. Thats hard enough in English. But names are even more interesting and diverse in other cultures.

This talk looks at recent work by the CLDR Person Names working group to formalise name formatting and introduces ex_cldr_person_names as the latest addition to the ex_cldr family of localisation libraries.

Easy Parser Combinators with PEG
Abhishek Tripathi

Ever wanted to know how to write parser combinators using PEG grammars? In this talk Abhishek will show how to combine NimbleParsec and Pegasus, complete with a livebook demo.

Hope to see you (either in-person or online) at the next meetup!

Mike and Josh