2024/03/5-6 - Trainings Code BEAM America - San Francisco + Online


Whether you prefer in-person or virtual learning, Code BEAM America provides you and your team with a diverse range of training options.
Code BEAM America gives you and your team opportunity to join exclusive trainings with great experts - make the most of your conference experience and book a training now. You can choose from both in-person and virtual trainings with:

💥Saša Jurić on Practical testing with Elixir (and Phoenix)
💥Bruce Tate on Designing Better LiveView Components
💥Brooklin Myers on LiveView Native
💥Brujo Benavides & Pablo Costas Sánchez on Practical Testing on BEAM
💥Michael Lubas on Elixir Security
💥Dmytro Lytovchenko on Managing BEAM Virtual Machine

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