2024/03/7-8 - Code BEAM America - San Francisco (USA) + Virtual

Code BEAM America is coming back to San Francisco!

Call for talks is open: codebeamamerica.com

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We are looking for great talk ideas around the 6 themes of:
Growth of the Ecosystem - The last decade has seen the BEAM ecosystem grow from being comprised of a handful of languages in use for a few domains, to a vibrant ecosystem of languages, frameworks, and tools, spread across teams of every size. What have you learned about building and retaining teams in such a diverse and rapidly changing ecosystem?
Edge, Cloud & Devices - From the smallest embedded devices to the largest cloud deployments, the BEAM is a versatile runtime that can be deployed anywhere. What paradigms and frameworks are you using to build applications that span the edge, cloud, and devices?
AI & Machine Learning - Between Nx, Axon, and a growing ecosystem of NIFs dedicated to machine learning, the BEAM has quickly become a powerful platform for AI. How are you leveraging the runtime’s capabilities to power machine learning in your applications?
Containerisation & DevOps - The joke has long been that the hardest part of writing an application for the BEAM is deploying it. But between tools like Burrito and established practices around observability and orchestration, it’s never been easier to deploy and manage large-scale production BEAM environments.
Fighting Technical Debt - Improving legacy systems and breaking the monolith.
History, Innovation & Sustainability - How we learn from the past to shape the future through innovation and green tech.



Bruce Tate, Saša Jurić, Mae Milano, Erik Stenman, Jenny Bramble, Brooklin Myers, Katelynn Burns, Marc Sugiyama, Artur Sulej…

The lineup for Code BEAM America 2024 is amazing! You don’t want to miss it!

Book your spot before the price goes up!

Check out also our pre-conf taster: a free webinar with Tyler Young and Andrew Ek.
Check details here: Code BEAM America

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