2024/04/18-19 - ElixirConf EU 2024 - Lisbon/Portugal + Online

Save the date!

Last year we reached over 800 attendees so to ensure we are spreading Elixir to as wide an audience as possible, this year’s event will again be run again as a hybrid event.

Join the Waiting List today: https://elixirconf.eu

Bear in mind that tickets might sell out quickly. With the total of 600 in-person and 200 virtual attendees at ElixirConf EU, we ran out of VEB tickets within 4h and all in-person spots for the conference were sold out before we had a chance to open our standard rate sale!

We are staying at the same venue as in 2023 but with an added catering space and seating for lunch.

Call for Talks is open: ElixirConf EU 2024: Call for Speakers @ Sessionize.com