2024/06/08 - BigSkyDevCon - Bozeman, Montana

Need an exciting excuse to visit Montana?
Join us Saturday, June 8 in Bozeman for BigSkyDevCon!

Although the event is not exclusively Elixir-focused, I am preparing a talk about an open source Elixir application that I am developing and I know there will be others in attendence that have an interest in Elixir.

BigSkyDevCon isn’t just a conference; it’s a rallying point for tech enthusiasts from near and far.

We have a bunch of noteworthy speakers including ThePrimeagen, Carson Gross, and Ryan Florence.

There are direct flights from many major U.S. cities.

Feel free to comment below or DM and I’ll do my best to answer and/or share those with the organizers. (I’m just a speaker.)

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