28) ElixirConf 2017 - Elixir as a first language - Alexis Huefner

ElixirConf 2017 - Elixir as a first language - Alexis Huefner

What would it be like to use Elixir as your first working language? Can someone at an intern or junior level really understand the complexities of functional programming? As junior who has only worked in functional programming and mainly with Elixir I have a unique insight into how easy functional programming can be for beginners. Join me as I examine my journey starting as an intern and working up to a junior position. I will explore why I find Elixir so easy to understand and why I think it’s important to get juniors involved in functional programming as early as possible. I hope to inspire everyone to make Elixir something that is easy and important for beginners to learn to help them on their journey to being an amazing developer.

Audience: Beginner

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This talk was not at all what I was expecting, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It turned out to be a good collection of ideas on a junior developer’s role in an organization and how we might nurture that role from both sides. Very thought provoking.