2d liveview streams

i am trying to display a scrollable section of a very large table with numerical values, where the rows and columns are several thousand in size, in liveview.
streams are the perfect solution here, but as far as I’ve seen, a stream is one-dimensional. of course that’s a great help, but the other dimension is also very large and clogs up the memory of both the client and the server.

is there a solution for creating streams with two dimensions?
or would that be a stream of streams?
or i just haven’t fully grasped the concept yet and am a bit confused. :crazy_face:

You can nest streams, but you‘d need to figure out how this is supposed to work on the client side as well. E.g. do you want lazy loading both axis of the table?

Now I’m even more confused.
Isn’t lazy loading the point of streams?
So yes, i only ever want to display a very small section of the huge table with scrollbars and accordingly only transport it via the wire. From my point of view, this corresponds to lazy loading on both axis, right? But maybe I’m misunderstanding you…

So LV can model this with streams. You could load e.g. only 5x5 grid to start.

You’ll need to come up with how you do loading more data in both directions on your own though. LV has some helpers for common infinite vertical scrolling, but those are likely not enough for your usecase.

maybe nest is the way to go, as you said.
maybe so that each column is a separate stream that is part of the whole. vertical scrolling is then solved by the helpers and horizontally i have no idea yet. i’ll give it a try.