32 GB MacBook Pros are out!


Turns out due to a lack of cooling they thermally throttle and can be slower than older models. I’m not upgrading to any machine unless I know without a doubt it has perfect cooling!

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Good news, if you need sustained load performance you can tweak the fan behaviour using an app called Macs Fan Control. This should give quite a few more seconds at turbo boost processor clock speeds. Won’t completely fix Apple’s bad cooling design choices, but still, it’s something :slight_smile:

I would not mess with the fan controls, the underlying issue lies with turboboost, that by it’s very nature is not really within the thermal envelope of the cpu itself, and much less of any (laptop) cooling solution…

I can not recommend turboboost switcher enough, and disable turboboost on your macbook

(you can use https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-power-gadget-20 to monitor clockspeed/thermals and see how your normal workflow goes with/without turboboost)

imho turboboost is great for “normal” users, and great for quickly run benchmark numbers - for us devs (or pro users) that pushes the machine and all cores over longer periods of time, it’s thermal properties are really really bad, and counterproductive on any laptop with it’s limited cooling, and the user preference for the fans not going off at full speed over a simple compile or what not.

in my experience, cpu will go to 100C under full load with turboboost (fans going full off, everything running hot), and it will stay on 80C under full load without turboboost(fans pretty much at normal).

with turboboost you will see things be done 10-20% faster, however the (thermal) “cost” is imho not worth it - ymmv obviously, and this is only my experience/opinion (on a 2015 i7 macbook pro)…

the i9 seems to have crazy turboboost properties, and it is indeed interesting if the crappy thermals of turboboost, makes the cost/benefit obviously negative for long running (multi-core) tasks…

I long for the day that arm/Axx arrives on mac, and we can get rid of this intel mess.


Duh, it’s called “Courage”.

Sooner or later they will replace the whole Macbook products with iPad. :+1:

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Developers should move out of Macbook.

Macintosh’s awesomeness died with Steve Jobs.

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Tell that to the iMac Pro that came out Dec’2017. :003:

But I agree that the MacBooks have been changing for the worse since the post-2015 models.

Poor cooling design, 90 Celsius you can get with passive cooling :slight_smile:
How to do good cooling

In addition to that, the keyboard issues are not fixed. Friend got the Pro already, it only take couple of days until one of the keys stopped working. I don’t understand how this is acceptable.

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