40) Elixir Conf 2017 Lightning Talks

Okay, after many days here is the final post on the Elixir Conf videos. Since there are so many lighting talks I felt that it is better to just have one large thread to cover them all. The first link includes all the talks together and each individual video is linked separately below that. I hope many others have enjoyed this series as much as I have. Enjoy!

Elixir Conf 2017 Lightning Talks (all talks)

Lambda Calculus in 5 mintues - Mohd Maqbool Alam (@maqbool)

Speeding up your program with Steroids - John Wahba

QR Code in Elixir - Boshan Sun

Why Elixir is perfect for taming the monolith - Scott Ribe

Databaseless - Norberto Ortigoza

Elixir Tips: A Year of Tiny Explosions - Rockwell Schrock (@schrockwell)

Demoing Thesis - a Phoenix CMS - Jamon Holmgren (@jamonholmgren)

OpenApi and Elixir - Jeff Ching

Baseball and How To Sell Elixir - David Schainker

XProf - Wojciech Gawroński

Phoenix with ClojureScript, Boot & Hoplon - Kyle Oba

Typespec, for the love of God! - Zac Barnes

Streaming GIS - Jerel Unruh

Elixir deployment tools - Aaron Renner (@aaronrenner)

All talks are available in the Elixir Conf 2017 Talks List or via the #elixirconf2017 tag


Great lightening talks here! And I thought it was very cool to have one streamed as well - what a great way to involve people who can’t make it :slight_smile:

Well done Jason you’ve done a brilliant job posting these, thank you :023:

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:sweat_smile: My last name(Alamool) is misspelled it should be “Alam” and Thanks for Posting.


:sweat_smile: sorry about that. Looks like I made an error while searching for usernames. Thanks for giving the talk! (Didn’t get a chance to watch it yet but it sounds interesting)


Thanks a lot, looks great!