50% off Elixir in Action with discount code - ends 25th of August

Hey everyone, Elixir in Action can be bought with 50% off with discount code pbbutcherlt. The offer expires August 25th. This discount code is also applicable to the following books:

Learn Go
Go in Action
Go Web Programming
Learn Haskell
Nim in Action
Kotlin in Action
Elixir in Action
Type-Driven Development with Idris
Angular 2 Development with Typescript
Julia in Action
Clojure in Action, Second Edition
F# Deep Dives
Groovy in Action, Second Edition
Java 8 in Action
Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, Second Edition
The Quick Python Book, Second Edition
Functional Programming in Scala
The Joy of Clojure, Second Edition
R in Action, Second Edition
C# in Depth, Third Edition


This is the best book I’ve read so far :slight_smile:

Angular 2 books good investment :slight_smile: It’s not even out yet and they keep introducing breaking changes

Is this the right link to buy it?


Yes @Red, just don’t forget to add coupon code on checkout :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t seem to work with this one: Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, Second Edition

: (

This one worked for 39% off though: ctwvoxxedlutw

: )

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Yeah the 50% off Secrets of the JS Ninja ended last night - I had it in my cart with the coupon applied, came back this morning to it and it no longer worked. The book was in MEAP status as of last night and not today so I’m guessing that’ is the reason.

44% off and verified as of this posting


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Awesome, thanks! I was just looking into adding Elixir in Action to my collection.


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As part of the current pBook release special for Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja 2e it is once again 50% off until 2016-09-06 with code pbmaraslt . Other books included in the promotion:

  • NativeScript in Action
  • CSS in Depth
  • Web Performance in Action
  • Angular 2 Development with TypeScript
  • OAuth 2 in Action
  • SPA Design and Architecture
  • JavaScript on Things
  • Intuitive Mobile UX
  • jQuery in Action, Third Edition
  • Go Web Programming
  • Functional Reactive Programming
  • Functional Programming in JavaScript
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Only today (2016-09-11) half off via Manning Deal of the Day with code DOTD091116:


Thanx got The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook
To anyone who haven’t read it Elixir in Action is in my opinion the best Elixir book I’ve read so far

Thank you, picked up Elixir in Action and The Little Elixir & OTP. Bummed I missed the August Sale.