6-core mac mini for Elixir development?

I’m about to dive into Elixir for a few months – I’d like to thoroughly learn the language and the ecosystem and I’m wondering whether I could benefit from a 6-core mac mini as opposed to the 4-core less expensive model. Will I really notice the extra cores?

I doubt you will notice the difference for dev, but get the 6-core anyway - to future proof yourself with general apps and OS updates which will increasingly make more use of cores :023:


I have a six core Mini that I use for dev work, and it’s great. There are very few times where I tax the system to the point that the two extra cores are giving me anything. Still, it is nice to have the extra horsepower when I need it.


More and more compilers strive to maximally utilise all CPU cores so IMO definitely future-proof your setup and get it.

Or be like me and get a Xeon-based 10-core workstation. :003:

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